About mei.stay

Philosophy of Design

"A beautiful place" is the principle philosophy of our design
We make a place, said living room, for you to share the interesting encounters in your journey.
We make a corner, said a dining space, for you to talk about the Taiwanese food you tried today
We make a little space, said a shower room, for you to wash away the fallen leaves on your head and the tiredness on your shoulders.
Finally, we prepare a key to a comfortable room, for you to rest and get ready for more beautiful adventures tomorrow.
Good Night, Taipei

When we travel, we always expect an ideal and cozy space at our destination for us to wash away the tiredness, take a good rest, and get ready to explore the new city. This is exactly the kind of place that Mei Stay aims to be. We are a bunch of friends who love to travel. Having experienced luxurious hotels or simple tiny hostels, we love to provide a place, Mei Stay, in our hometown, with passion and style for tourists from the world, a place that not only provides accommodation, but also involves local affections and warmth, which might be transferred to your own unique impression of Taipei.